Thursday, March 12, 2009

And in more interesting & possibly fatal news....

Um, yea, so I wish I was kidding about this. Last Friday I got a call to go into the nuerologist's office. I do not have psuedo tumors according to the spinal tap. & That's exactly how we bagan our little conversation.

He then explained to me that there are several abnormal other results in the test that are routinely run on spinal fluid.

There a couple of such alarmingly high numbers of these tests, that this doctor was baffled.

He did some research & still can not give me any definate results as to what this means, so he is referring me to a specialist in Buffalo, NY @ Roswell.

Anyone who does not live in this area, the word "Roswell" means nothing to you, unless you know some one who has had to go there. The word "Roswell" struck an immediate panic cord straight thru me. It is a great cancer specialized hosptial. & I do mean, GREAT! They are one of the leading cancer centers in this country.

My nuerologist also wrapped up our visit by saying a couple of times that it may be a tumor, cancer, an infection or nothing at all.

It took me awhile to share all this with you, because it didn't really start sinking in until about yesterday.

I need to remember that I do not know anything just yet. I need to remember that God Orderly Direction doesn't put anything in front of me that "He" doesn't intend to see me thru. I need to dwell on more glorious & truimphant things...

I need to find my mom's new cell number so she doesn't read this here before hearing it from my lips & get real pissed at me. O, yea, thanks Susie, I had just memorized the old one not that long ago, too! :P You know my memory ain't what it used to be & now I am probably ACTUALLY brain damaged! hehe! O, but Mom, it's not self induced this time!

So, yea, just trying to keep everyone abreast of the situation with me. & I intend to save this message till I can find Mom's number, cuz she might just take the 5 hour car ride up here to kick my ass if I forget to tell her first again! O, wait, it would be nice to have an excuse to see her! LOL! *Sike*

Thanks for stopping by!

~Blessed Be~


Ruune said...

Shrinn, I don't know what to say. What very stressful news for you. Will be praying for both you and Fal as you work your way through this. And remember - we lurves you!!

Zaanah said...

Shrinn...take one day at a time and know that I am praying for you to get through this.

Olivar said...

Hiya Shrinn--
Wanted to stop by and see the blog. Pretty new around these (Sidhe Devil) parts, and I wanted to tell you that I'm pulling for you.
Also, what a blast it was to hang with you tonight and do those group quests in Dragonblight.