Wednesday, February 3, 2010

random randoming & all that jazz....

So, I now have an Oomkim, heh! & Her stats are greater then my main's, That would be Shrinnpoof. I have been squaking with Grai/Fal AKA my one & only, That IF I would only random dungeon up & do some random raiding that MY GEAR could look like his toon, Fanabb's. I forsee a few issues/concerns with that....

1) I am a CASUAL player....I do not have time to be hard core.

2) MY PC doesnt have any extra add ons that allows me to know what my current sustained damage to a single target is @ this time. So I dont even know what I really bring to the table.

3) Yeah I have like 3 or 4 peices of T9 or what ever...but the fact that I'm not even sure what kind of gear I have should be a GREAT indicator to you, my dear friendly reader, that I Am SO NOT HARD CORE!

Anybody out there watch Grey's Anatomy? Yeah, see when I talk to my hunny about WoW, I feel like that blonde when she was trying to be "Heart surgeon hard core" & compared to Grai/Fal, (In this instance we would have to consider him Christina Yang...i love the character she plays in that show...) So, I lament, I am NOT hard core. I very rarely get a chance to be on the PC during the week, except in the mornings (like NOW!) I guess I shall continue to save deer in the back of pick up trucks & He will continue to be a Cardio God!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Blessed Be~


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